Research and Study at the School of Chemistry

We have very recently moved to the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University. The group is well-equipped for air and moisture sensitive synthetic chemistry (Schlenk lines, mBraun glovebox, solvent purification system), catalyst testing (single cell and multi cell autoclaves, carousel reactors) and analysis (GC, GCMS). We also enjoy the benefit of the outstanding wider facilities in Cardiff.

Come and work with us!

We are always seeking to recruit outstanding students and postdoctoral researchers, dependent on funding and available laboratory space. We are a hard-working but friendly group, with an excellent track record (100% to date!) of students and postdocs finding employment in either industry or academic labs after their time in the group.

In the first instance, please contact Professor Wass to discuss opportunities. See below for more details.

PhD students
Specific positions available will be advertised in our vacancies area.

EU/UK students
If you have obtained or are predicted a first-class MSci or equivalent degree, please contact us to discuss available funding opportunities.

International students
Funding international students is extremely difficult, and we typically only accept applications from students with their own funding. If you are in this position, please contact us. Information on schemes for which you may be eligible can be found at the University International Office.

Post-doctoral research fellows
Specific positions available will be advertised in our vacancies area.

If you are interested in joining the group by applying to a local funding scheme in your country, please contact us well in advance of the deadline with details of your intended application.


Why come to Cardiff?


Cardiff is an attractive and vibrant city, with a thriving student community.