Publicity for our self-healing composites work

An article on our self-healing composites project has featured on the front page of the Independent on Sunday.  The Mail has also published an article on this work. Our approach to this problem is to embed microspheres containing a monomer healing agent into a composite matrix, along with a catalyst for the polymerisation of the monomer.  If damage occurs, the microspheres rupture and the monomer comes into contact with the catalyst, which causes polymerisation (hardening) – this ‘glues’ together any cracks and can give 100% recovery of mechanical strength in some cases.  We are focused on structural composites for aerospace applications, although of course, press coverage has highlighted possible consumer applications!

Update:  the BBC website also has a nice article on this; as does CNN.  Duncan has also talked about this on the BBC World Service and Radio  5 live, as well as on BBC Points West.